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Lake Norman Waterfront Home Sales June 1, 2013- July 14,2013

Lake Norman located in beautiful North Carolina is becoming one of the most popular areas to relocate. In the past month and a half 54 homes have closed or gone under contract. That activity has prompted many prospective buyers to begin looking for real estate on Lake Norman.
That is the first step but be aware that there are many things to consider when buying a waterfront home. First of all, make sure you are working with a Realtor who has experience buying around the lake. They can help explain the various differences associated with each and every lake property.
If you are looking to add a pool is there enough room based upon the 760 high water mark? What are the setbacks if you are looking to rebuild? Is the cove drought resistant? Can you build a pier on the lot?
These are just a short list of questions that should be answered. So make sure to do your homework before buying on our Lake. You will love living here!