Lake Norman waterfront houses for saleWHY MOVE TO THE LAKE NORMAN REGION?

If you are searching for a new destination for your family or just a different lifestyle the Lake Norman region should be at the top of your list. Here are some of the reasons why:

Lake Norman lifestyle boasts a wonderful subtropical climate with moderate winter temperatures making it a very pleasant lifestyle, with maybe two or three snow days, enough to bring out the child in you. This Piedmont region has the most most beautiful Fall season, with the trees shedding their leaves in beautiful colors of burgundy, reds, orange, yellows and browns. The Summer daytime temperatures can be quite warm and humid, but if you near the Lake or have a pool, it makes it enjoyable.  Many people in this area appreciate the mild climate combined with the change of seasons. The Lake Norman Lifestyle can be very addicting!

North Carolina has some of the top schools, colleges and universities in the Country.  Many families relocate to this region for this reason alone. There are a number of private, charter and public schools to choose from.

Lake Norman area offers a variety of lifestyle choices. If you enjoy water sports, walking, jogging, volleyball, tennis and fishing, then Lake Norman is Fishing River Runthe place to be. Jetton Park in Cornelius has wonderful setup walking pathways, tennis courts and its a wonderful way to expend energy with your family or pet. There are a number of public parks in and around the Lake Norman area.  The restaurant and nightlife offers a variety of choices. Birkdale Village and Langtree are very popular destinations to enjoy both.

Work Opportunities:
The Charlotte area boasts many job opportunities in Banking, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Universities, Medical Health and Hospitals, Government Jobs, service industry opportunities. The Charlotte/Lake Norman region did not see a loss in jobs when many other cities throughout the region did.

The People:
BoatThe Lake Norman region has become an area with very diverse backgrounds. Many people who live in the area today have come from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Virginia and other surrounding states. It truly has become a destination for many looking for cheaper taxes, great housing prices, jobs or just a better quality of life.

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